LyfCraft Season 2 started in July 2020, with most of the crew returning, apart from Bearded Dragon, who retired from video-making, and Yellow Hybrid, Zero Derps and Vloop, who’d all departed during the previous season. Joining LyfCraft for the 1.16 reset were CosmoGuy, EldonS, Iceland Queen, Jerander, Recoded Zaphod, Siria Black, Throlash and Witherbag.

Later, during 2021, Amradorn and Forchyy joined, before the season wound down towards the end of year.

The download is available here (via Mediafire), and has been trimmed of less used chunks. Note that there is a custom dimension included (the “sand” dimension) that prevents the world being loaded in anything but Minecraft 1.17.1.

It is possible to load in 1.18+ by editing the level.dat file and removing the datapack before loading. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Spawn for Season 2 was on a small island with a single Oak Tree, but not too far to the north-east was a Mushroom Island where “Mushville” was founded, and the Town Hall eventually built. Also at Mushville were a Dragon Statue to hold the Ender Dragon’s egg, a double cave spider spawner farm and the shopping district.

To the south-west, on a large mesa, was the gaming district with some archery games and Cosmo’s Iron Dungeon.

Bases were build in almost all cardinal directions from Mushville, with Zac’s giant hexabase a highlight of the west, whilst EnigmaCraft built a castle a long way to the south.

The Nether Hub was designed by Iceland Queen as a semi-wild, semi-open nether forest.

Datapacks used during the season – and included in the download – are:

  • AFK Display v1.1.01
  • Anti-Enderman Grief v1.1.01
  • Armour Statues v2.8.11
  • Co-ordinates Hud v1.2.01
  • Double Shulker Shells v1.3.01
  • Dragon Drops v1.3.01
  • Invisible Item Frames v2.04
  • More Mob Heads v2.9.21
  • One Player Sleep v4.22
  • Player Head Drops v1.1.01
  • Sand Dimension
  • Shulker Preview Data Pack for 1.173
  • Silence Mobs v1.1.01
  • Spectator Night Vision v1.1.01
  • Universal Dyeing/Craftable Bundles/Uncraftable Nether Wart1
  • Wandering Trades v1.5.01
  1. By Vanilla Tweaks.
  2. By Mad Cat Gaming.
  3. By tryashtar.
  4. By Voodoo Beard.