Before removing the Sand dimension, you may want to check if Auzathoth has managed to make a version for 1.18+ – check on GitHub for progress.

If you want to remove the Sand dimension, you will need to edit the level.dat file in the world save directory. One way to do this is with NBTExplorer, and these instructions will reflect that.

1. Once you’ve installed and started NBTExplorer, it should show your normal Minecraft saves directory. If you unzipped the LyfCraft Season 2 files somewhere else, you should use File -> Open Folder to open that location.

2. From here, click on the [+] symbol next to “LyfCraft Season 2” to expand and see the contents of the world save.

3. You will need to continue deeper, expanding the sections for “level.dat”, then “Data”, “WorldGen Settings” and finally “dimensions” which should have 4 entries.

4. Select the entry “lyfcraft:digging/sand” and then click the red in the toolbar, or select Edit -> Delete from the menus.

If you’re sure you’ve deleted the correct dimensions, click on the Save icon in the toolbar , and then you can exit NBTExplorer.

Finally, before you load up the world in 1.18 or above, delete the “” file from the datapacks directory of LyfCraft Season 2.