LyfCraft Season 1 started in January 2019, using Minecraft 1.13.2 with a seed of -488513389684641.

Initial members were Bearded Dragon, Truckpipe, The Kernal, Bexy, JT and Bex, and Vloop.

Later invitees included Enigmacraft86, Yellow Hybrid, Zero Derps, Charis Sophia, Zac the Dragon and Auzathoth.

Season 1 ended in July 2020, by which time Minecraft had updated to 1.15.2.

The download available here (via Mediafire) has been trimmed of most chunks where the “inhabited time” was less than 5 minutes for reasons of space.

Featured at spawn were the Tree of Lyf, a bandstand (into which ender pearls were collected from the End), a Museum/Zoo and an underground area for shops and the portal to the Nether. Around spawn were a larger shopping area, and other builds by the server members, including a faux village for manual raids.

To the North of spawn, there was the villager trading hall, and further afield a gaming disctrict and the LyfCraft HQ. Bearded Dragon and Auzathoth had bases further north. To the east of spawn JT and Bex built a village, and to the south east was Vloop’s base. To the west Yellow Hybrid made a slightly larger than life-size Pokeball, with Charis Sophia and Zac the Dragon’s bases a little to the south.

The Nether was a large area dug out from near the roof to the lava lake. Floating walkways connected the portals. To the South a church carried souls up to the Gold Farm above the nether roof. Eastward, JT and Bex made a tunnel into a Mario experience.

Datapacks used during the season – and included in the download – are:

  • AFK Display v1.0.11
  • Anti-Enderman Grief v1.0.01
  • Armour Statues v2.6.21
  • Double Shulker Shells v1.2.01
  • Dragon Drops v1.2.01
  • More Mob Heads v2.4.11
  • One Player Sleep v3.12
  • Player Head Drops v1.0.01
  • Shulker Preview Data Pack for 1.153
  1. By Vanilla Tweaks.
  2. By Mad Cat Gaming.
  3. By tryashtar.